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Estilo. Diseño. Servicio

Je’Amani Plus Size Fashion & Accessories

Je’Amani is a leader in plus size fashion, with pieces for every occasion, style, and mood. Since 2020, Je’Amani has been inspiring women to be unapologetically themselves through a wide range of fashion possibilities. Our company is made up of people with a passion for apparel, accessories, and footwear who create stunning collections for everyday and the special moments in life. 

Creatina Phillips, the creator of Je’Amani, nurtured a love for fashion at an early age by collecting and sketching her own fashion designs. Wanting to pursue her passion, Creatina made a career jump from human services to create what is known today as Je’Amani. She cites her children as her motivation to continue in her pursuit and to do her best in supplying fashion that gives people the confidence to be themselves.  

The confidence to feel beautiful, powerful and fun.

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